Letter from Lhasa, number 371. Become An Idea Machine!

Letter from Lhasa, number 371.Become An Idea Machine!

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Azula Altucher, C.,Become An Idea Machine. Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century, Kindle Edition, 2015.

(Azula Altucher 2015).

Claudia Azula Altucher

Motivational literature is what it is. Useless to discuss about that.

This book is focused on ideas’ production.

Is it sufficient to have ideas, a lot of ideas, or does one need to combine ideas with how to implement them, or some of them, or one of them, the supposedly good one, and, consequently, developing specific skills too? Creativity is essential, although I be not at all sure that only creativity, without the implementation steps, be sufficient. In my opinion, one also needs specific skills, technical skills, heuristic skills, although this be a more questionable point because if one has the possibility and the ability to buy people with the skills he/she need, that may be even better from the point of view of the creation of a profitable company. Delegating is important in business as wells as in whatever complex activity, although delegating too much may be risky. An owner and manager should at least be able to understand what his/her subordinated be talking and working about.  

This book is anyway decidedly more focused. It is focused an ideas’ production. “Become An Idea Machine in 180 Days”!

For becoming an idea machine, one needs either some predisposition or acts of will. For instance, when one finds oneself in difficult situations, one is objectively stimulated to find solutions. Although actually, only a few people really act in this way. So, one needs some predisposition for finding solutions. For finding solutions, one needs ideas and the ability to select and implement them. If in whatever moment of his/her like, somebody without any predisposition to produce ideas wants to learn this skill, he/she needs, for instance, a book as this one.

If you follow the instructions of this book, you have to produce ten ideas, or also more, per day. Think them and write them. Once started, you have to go on forever. You start producing ideas and you go on producing ideas. For a real training, the book provides suggestions, points to follow, for producing ideas for 180 days. You follow the program defined from the book and you become an idea machine or also better.

Azula Altucher, C.,Become An Idea Machine. Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century, Kindle Edition, 2015. 

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